Heat Exchanger Testing Made Easy!

Save Money. Reduce Downtime.

Now you can test your heat exchangers for internal defects in a matter of minutes at any time. The Thermaline CCT (Cross Contamination Tester) is an easy-to-use primary testing device that can be operated by your trained plant personnel and should be in every sanitary processor's Food Safety Plan.

CCT 4.0

Two models to choose from

CCT 2.0 Case

CCT 2.0

The patented CCT 2.0 is a primary tester* producing a pass or fail indication of internal defects regardless of the size of heat exchanger. The bubbler senses internal defects giving the operator visual results and CCT 2.0 also performs a timed duration test based on heat exchanger volume.

Kit includes the following:

  • CCT 2.0 Primary Tester
  • Air Pressure regulator and dump valve
  • Heavy duty carrying case
  • Volume/Duration lookup chart
  • Spare connection O rings
  • Tri-Clamp Connection kit 1", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3" (other connections available)

To make a purchase contact a distributor.

CCT 4.0 case

CCT 4.0

The Patented CCT 4.0 is a primary tester* which uses an IDEC PLC to calculate the volume of the heat exchanger and produces a PDF report of the results for your record retention. The CCT 4.0 also has a bubbler feature for a quick visual indication of internal defects. The rugged CCT 4.0 is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum to give years of service in today's rough environments.

Kit includes the following:

  • CCT 4.0 Primary Tester and pressure sensing PLC driver
  • Power supply and interconnecting cable
  • Air pressure regulator and dump valve
  • Heavy duty carrying case
  • Spare connection O-rings
  • Tri-Clamp connection kit 1", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", and 3" (other connections available)


The Testing Process

One chamber of the heat exchanger is pressurized with compressed air and if a defect exists air molecules will pass through the defect to the ambient chamber where it is sensed by the CCT either as a bubble in the bubble mode or shifting the water column in the elapsed time mode.

Primary Test:

CCT Test quickly produces a pass or fail result for a group of plates.

Secondary Test:

A dye test is used to isolate the defect should the CCT sense an issue.

Heat Exchanger Service

  • Full plate and tubular heat exchanger service
  • Chemical cleaning, dye testing, and re-gasketing
  • All makes, models, and manufacturers
  • Field service and repair
dirty and clean plate with text

gasket restore and plate foul