MAde in USA

For nearly three decades, Thermaline has manufactured innovative heat transfer solutions made in the USA and distributed worldwide.

We take pride in creating jobs and value in our community while providing robust and innovative heat exchange equipment. From raw material to finished product, our team of skilled engineers and fabricators consistently produce some the best heat exchangers available.

At Thermaline, we are constantly improving our processes to meet today's demands, keep lead times low, and prices competitive. Our online tools allow our customers the power to design, receive a quote or purchase in stock equipment instantly and hassle free.

Since our inception, we have never wavered on our strive for improvement, honing our craft and gathering invaluable industry knowledge. We are experts in heat exchangers and work with the production plants of the nation's biggest brands for food processing, dairy, beverage, breweries, distilleries, cannabis and bio/pharma. Thermaline is the industry standard in heat exchanger engineering, and are certified by BPE, 3-A and ASME. We build all our products to meet stringent consumer safety standards and energy consciousness. Thermaline is a relatively small, nimble team, which allows us to tailor every product to the project you’re working on.

Call us today at 1(800)767-6720 to discuss your heat transfer needs.