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We share your passion for creating great spirits

Perfect and predictable results every single time comes with a whole list of challenges that are not seen on the Discovery Channel. Craft distillers must navigate a complicated regulatory environment while adhering the strict branding classifications and stringent, high purity standards. Not only does your process create a unique, consistent brand, it's also a show piece that craft spirit enthusiasts love to visit.

Thermaline understands your challenges and provides solutions with a wide range of dependable heat exchangers for your distilling needs. Heat exchangers that look as good as they perform - you'll be proud to show them off during distillery tours.

Products and services engineered especially for the Craft Distilling industry:

  • Corrugated Tubular Mash coolers
  • Condenser water recovery
  • Chill filtering
  • Mash discharge coolers
  • Energy recovery

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Mash Cooler

Distillation process