“Thanks to CCT 4.0, we were able to identify a major issue during heat exchanger testing, which allowed our client’s plant to get back up and running in no time.” - Service Tech Kevin Tweet

When a client of Thermaline’s reached out about an issue, the readily-available Thermaline service team was determined to help out quickly.

Due to COVID-19 state restrictions on personnel safety and adequate social distancing, the client’s regular technicians were unable to conduct heat exchanger testing.

The clients standard operating procedures require they conduct annual testing of their heat exchangers. Testing of heat exchangers detects potential equipment issues like internal or external defects to ensure the optimal functionality of units.

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Thermaline Testing Uncovers Heat Exchanger Failure

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Understanding Thermaline’s ability to efficiently conduct thorough testing, the plant asked the Thermaline team to come for an on-site service visit.

Even before Thermaline proceeded to go for the site visit, the Quality Assurance team felt confident and comfortable with Thermaline’s proposed action plan and ready-made solution. The Thermaline team outlined all necessary steps for the heat exchanger testing, using its patented CCT 4.0 primary tester.

This testing method uses an IDEC PLC driver to control the testing and to calculate the defect size, and produces a PDF report with results that clients can easily store as part of their records. The CCT 4.0 has a bubbler feature that quickly shows any visual indications of internal defects. With Thermaline CCT (Cross Contamination Tester), the team was able to easily test the heat exchanger for internal defects, in a matter of minutes.

The highly-skilled Thermaline technician arrived early on a weekend, and performed necessary CCT testing, amidst severe weather conditions. The plant had previously used a helium testing method, but through CCT testing, the Thermaline technician was able to detect a failure in one of the client’s main process plate heat exchangers. Helium testing has been known to be accurate, but also costly. Thermaline’s service technician discovered the plate failure with a dye test, and was able to get the plant back up and running, saving the plant thousands of dollars in lost production.

Heat exchanger testing is not only crucial to ensuring proper maintenance of equipment, but also helps avoid potential production shutdowns. While the Thermaline CCT (Cross Contamination Tester) is an easy-to-use primary testing device that can be operated by any trained plant personnel, the Thermaline team is happy to assist in conducting testing and visiting clients on-site to accommodate testing needs.


  • Fast detection of failure in one of the main process plate heat exchangers
  • Thousands of dollars saved in potential lost production
  • The plant was back up and running quickly

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